Today's topic: Easter weekend fun
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Today's tips

Younger kids will love transforming paper plates into Easter hens with cut-out hands and folded legs.

10 easy-to-make Easter crafts for kids

Now is the perfect time to hit the woodland and see if you can find a beautiful grove carpeted in bright purple-blue bluebells.

The nature spotter's cheat sheet

Colouring is great for keeping the kids entertained during a long car journey, or if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day during the school holidays.

Print-and-go colouring sheet

To decorate cookies, take the wooden end of a match, dip in the food colouring and create pretty patterns.

16 delicious Easter baking treats

Roast lamb is a firm favourite spring dish. Why not experiment with new flavours and fresh ideas.

3 delicious roast lamb flavours

Duck is a real show-stopper and it makes a delicious alternative to lamb for Easter Sunday lunch.

Super easy Easter menu

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